First Social Law

#NPEqualsP means that #ArtificialResearch is possible as the Generation of Knowledge Maps where:

#KnowledgeMap (KM) is a (possibly partial and globally agreed) implementation of a Social Discrimination function in a Social Discrimination Space of n dimensions evaluating Uncertainty and Discrimination.

KM(Absolute Majority)=U<<1 and D>>0 what means that although it’s widely accepted it’s far from non discrimination of other (losing) preferences, candidates and the real losers of the game: Non-Politicians. Namely, you and me (We).

Towards a #WeGoverment:

Contrarily, KM(Less-discriminatory Majority) is U<<1 and D<<1. You name it. It should deserve more study (and use) as it could be the first Social Law (de facto, for the time being) in the range of KM(Gravity Law) where U=0 and D=0.

Author: Andrés García-Camino

Ph.D. in A.I.

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