Declarative Mechanism Design: A testbed for Regulated Deep Learning

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Declarative Mechanism Design: A testbed for Regulated Deep Learning

Regulation of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) and Declarative Electronic Institutions (DEIs) was a multidisciplinary research topic of the past decade involving (Physical and Software) Agents and Law since the beginning, but recently evolved towards News-claimed Robot Lawyer since 2016. One of these first proposals of restricting the behaviour of Software Agents was Electronic Institutions. However, with the recent reformulation of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) as Deep Learning (DL) [1], Security, Privacy, Ethical and Legal issues regarding the use of DL has raised concerns in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Community. Now that the Regulation of MAS is almost correctly addressed, we propose the Regulation of Artificial Neural Networks as Agent-based Training of a special type of regulated Artificial Neural Network that we call Institutional Neural Network (INN).

The main purpose of this paper is to bring attention to Artificial Teaching (AT) and to give a tentative answer showing a proof-of-concept implementation of Regulated Deep Learning (RDL). This paper introduces the former concept and provides I, a language previously used to model declaratively and extend Electronic Institutions, as a means to regulate the execution of Artificial Neural Networks and their interactions with Artificial Teachers (ATs).

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