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Open Standardization of Research and Socio-economic Systems (#OSoRSeS)

Our limitations to achieve Hard AI are due to our suboptimal application of Common Sense in Research and Socio-economic Systems.

Towards a (non-Physics) Theory of Everything: based on J. Searle, J. Nash Jr., Open protocols and Open Standardization, spiced with a big dose of Common Sense.

Trying to implement Collaborative Common Sense. (I’m Open to Collabs! ūüėČ )

A worldwide example of Open Standardization is the queuing Open Protocol de facto we follow in Grocery stores.

If you want a light introduction to my Research Position just watch a movie from 2001, “A Beatiful Mind”, with the great Russell Crowe as J. Nash Jr., about psychic disability and research. People might call him “wasted paranoid crazy weirdo” but he was the only researcher to win Nobel and Abel prizes, two of the greatest prizes in Economics and Maths, pre and post the manifestation of his illness.

May the (Social Reality) Genius Rest in Peace (1928-2015).

Let his history inspire you at least as much as he does since 2001.

Collaborative Knowledge Evolution #CKE

I’m a Researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

My Research Interests are Artificial Teaching, Artificial Mediation, Collaborative Optimisation and Artificial Research.

Trying to fill the missing link in General AI with a Full-Hybrid Artificial Intelligence that would mix (Artificial) Teaching and (Artificial) Mediation and Collaborative Optimisation towards Collaborative Knowledge Evolution, i.e. (Virtual) World(s)-wide Collaborative (Artificial) Research.

#AT + #AM +#CO = #AR –> #CKE

Reversing Policy Making: From Politics to Human Open Protocols.

History of Computer Science has swiftly evolved in the last decades somehow avoiding the big pressure of International Powers possibly thanks to their interest in its potential to help them in topics like Economic Growth and Globalization and Control of Media. In this sense, they started keeping control of Software Systems on the basis of what is called “Closed Source”, i.e. hiding to users the actions computers perform by obscuring the code.

A trend exploited mainly by Hackers is “Reverse Engineering”, i.e. converting a computer program written in machine language to a piece of “Source Code”.

In terms of current Politics would be guessing what have been the course of action of a particular set of parties to create some piece of regulation, or law.

But the Internet Community started a rebellion called “Open Source Initiative” to promote the creation by, distribution to and availability to entire community of what computational actions computer programs perform, e.g. Linux OS.

My proposal is to create a “Human Open Protocols” (#HOP) Initiative to allow the entire Mankind to create, distribute, make available and promote participation on a peer-to-peer self-regulation without losing personal autonomy but even gaining the status of Individual Republics with Human and State International Rights.

Citing Wikipedia (2014):

“An open [protocol] is a [protocol] that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how it was designed (e.g. open process)”.